Leatherman Tread Fitbit Blaze Watch adapter


         Leatherman Tread Fitbit

Fitbit Blaze and Leatherman Tread/Tread LT! It s a great combination that makes your life easier. Leatherman Tread Fitbit Blaze watch: The intelligence of Fitbit Blaze and capability of Leatherman Tread/Tread LT.

Leatherman Tread Fitbit

Please be aware that Fitbit Blaze has a special frame and normal BTT adapters are not compatible with the frame. So, our engineers designed special BTT adapters specifically for Fitbit Blaze. Available colors are stainless steel and black.

BTT adapters are workmanships of Best Tech Tool (BTT) engineers and are manufactured with the highest machining technology. The appearance and colors are identical with Leatherman Tread.

What is in the package? Everything that you need to change the band of Fitbit Blaze with Leatherman Tread:

  • A pair of Best Tech Tool (BTT) adapter specifically designed for Fitbit Blaze and Leatherman Tread
  • Spring bars (pins)
  • Spring bar removal tool

So, you can easily change the band of Fitbit Blaze with Leatherman Tread.


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BTT adapter Leatherman Tread Fitbit Blaze