Installation Guide

BTT adapters are precisely designed to connect the Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool to your watch. If you love and use your Leatherman Tread and Tread LT as much as we do, it means you are a handyman and you won’t have any problem in installation.

Please watch this video for installation:


In the package, you will receive a pin remover for changing the band and two pair of spring bars.




Please follow these steps:

  1. Use the pin removal tool to remove the spring bars from your watch band.
  2. In the box, there are two pairs of spring bars. The length of one pair is 1mm smaller than the other pair. It is recommended that you compare the length of the spring bars with the original spring bars of your watch and choose the one that best fits your watch. Save the extra pair for future.Note: If you bought BTT adapters for Apple watch, there is a pair of Apple watch adapters and ONE pair of spring bars. The spring bars are exactly the size of your Apple watch adapter.
  3. Put the selected spring bars in BTT adapters. Both BTT adapters are identical.
  4. Use the pin tool to install BTT adapters to your watch. (Don’t connect your Leatherman Tread or Tread LT to the adapters before you attach the adapters to the watch.)
  5. Size your Leatherman Tread or Tread LT based on your wrist and size of watch and adapters. Remove extra links from Tread.
  6. Connect your Tread or Tread LT to the adapters with the original screws of Tread.


Enjoy your Leatherman Tread watch. We love to hear your comments and see the picture of your Leatherman Tread watch.

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Important points:

  1. A pair of generic spring bars is included in the package that you can use for connecting the adapter to your watch. However, it is recommended that you use the original spring bars of your watch if they fit the BTT adapters.
  2. Attach BTT adapters to your watch before you connect them to Leatherman Tread. Then you can easily connect BTT adapters to the Leatherman Tread watch band as you connect it to other links.
  3. For Apple watch: See the following picture for the proper installation of Apple watch adapter. If you don’t install it properly, it will slide out of your Apple watch.

Leatherman Apple watch BTT

4. Any damage that caused by the improper installation is exempt from warranty and our liability.

5. To ensure the compatibility and ease of installation, the lug width of BTT adapters is designed up to 0.5mm smaller than the lug width of watches. For example, for a watch with 26mm lug width,  BTT adapters have a lug width of 25.5mm.