Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter


Leatherman Tread Watch AdapterLeatherman Tread Watch Adaptor

BTT Adapters are Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter that can connect any brand of watch to Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool. So, you can combine your Leatherman Tread/Tread LT and watch to make your Leatherman watch!


BTT adapters are designed by engineers of Best Tech Tool and made with the highest quality material and manufacturing technology.


Which Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter is suitable for your watch?

BTT Adapters are designed for watches with different Lug width as follows:

  • 16mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm
  • 22mm
  • 24mm
  • 26mm

If your watch has an odd-numbered lug width, such as 19mm, 21mm, or 23mm, you can buy the next size down.

Note: To ensure the compatibility and ease of installation, the lug width of BTT adapters is designed 0.5mm smaller than the lug width of watches. For example, for a watch with 26mm lug width,  BTT adapters have a lug width of 25.5mm.

How measure the Lug Width of your watch?

Now, select the appropriate adapter for your watch based on the LUG WIDTH dimension. For measuring the Lug Width of your watch, see the following picture:


Lug width


As an example, the Lug Width of the above watch is 20mm.

Also, you can easily Google your watch to find the lug width of a proper band for your watch. If you are still not sure about it, please ask us. We will do or best to find the lug width size of your watch.

Now, select the appropriate Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter based on the Lug Width of your watch and color of your Leatherman Tread.


What is in the package?

  • A pair of BTT adapters
  • Two pairs of watch spring bars
  • A spring bar removal tool

So, you can easily change your watch band with Leatherman Tread watch strap. For further information about installation, please visit the installation page.


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BTT Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter